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Diving Features

This is a spear gun rack that mounts to the back of the transom. This gives divers easy access to grab their guns before they exit the boat or from in the water. Placing it here also keeps the cockpit from being too cluttered while the divers put on their fins, wet suits, and other gear and keeps the rest of the crew from being accidentally poked with a spear! This comes in handy when the crew also has gear for fishing later in the day.

Rod holders are also great for holding nets as well as tickle sticks. This helps us when we are catching lobster and keeps the boat more organized. The live well is also a good place to sit to put on fins and other diving gear because there is plenty of space in the back, it is close to the spear gun rack, and it is right by the swim door. The swim door and dive platform make it easy for exiting and entering the boat.

We keep most of our dive gear in one or two bins. This keeps the gear from lying around the boat while we are diving. Because our boat is mostly open, there aren't many seats for the crew going to and from the spot, so we bring a couple bean bags for people to ride on. This makes the boat ride much more enjoyable; even in rough weather. Once we start fishing and diving, we simply throw the bean bags on the T-Top. Just don't forget they are there when you go to leave!

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