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Our videos are meant to uplift, inspire, and entertain. Whether it is hunting, fishing, diving, or just comedy videos we strive to produce quality videos for you. Most outdoor shows only include a great hunt killing big deer or a fishing trip with large numbers of fish. Most hunting and fishing trips are not like that though. There is much more chaos and obstacles to overcome while hunting and fishing.


Nature is unpredictable and with us anything can happen or go wrong, which is why we originally named our boat Reel Hazardous. This title seemed to fit us well wherever we went so we decided to name our show Reel Hazardous as well. Not only are the outdoors hazardous, it can also be very comical. We don't just produce videos of our hunts and fishing trips but also videos that show the comedy of the outdoors. We appreciate that God has allowed us to spend time in his creation and we want to share this with you. Thank you for watching!


Being located in Florida, we especially love the outdoors. At Reel Hazardous we're not just a team, we're also a family: literally. Reel Hazardous is made up of Christopher Thurne, Capt. Jeremy Thurne, Kayla Thurne Shea, Celeste Thurne, and J.J. Thurne.

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