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Power and Performance

Twin 4.0 liter 300 Hp engines power the 30 ft center console. These engines provide both better performance and enhanced fuel economy compared to the old 200's we had on the boat. We are stilling tweaking the props and setup but once finalized I will post the performance numbers!

These motors provide increased horsepower and better torque while trolling offshore for Mahi and Wahoo. They've done especially well for high speed trolling (approximately 15 mph). Whereas the old motors would bog down and then surge forward while trolling fast; these motors stay steady at whatever trolling speed we set them at. When slow trolling live bait for Kingfish, one engine is turned off and a sea anchor is deployed to slow us down to the right speed.

The 27 Contender is 30 ft LOA with a 24.5 degree deadrise that allows it to slice through rough water. Our boat has 4 fuel tanks for a total fuel capacity of 240 gal. of gas. It has one large livewell that stretches across the transom with a clear lid to help the bait live better throughout the day. There are 2 storage compartments at the stern, 2 at the bow, and 1 large fish box. In the console is where we keep our dry gear. At the bow there is an anchor holder that holds our 8 lb anchor, 600 ft of rope, and 25 ft. of chain.

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