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The Reel Hazardous is a 27 open Contender. It has an overall length of 30 ft and a maximum horsepower rating of 600 hp. This Contender also has some unique features that make it one of a kind such as a custom T-top with tower, and twin 300 Suzuki engines.

Power and Performance

The Reel Hazardous was originally powered with twin 200 Yamaha HPDI engines. These engines pushed the boat to a top speed of approximately 45 mph. In 2015 though, the team decided to repower the boat with new twin 300 Suzuki fourstroke engines. These engines have fly-by-wire throttles, selective rotation, and lean burn technology. To read more about our boat and motors, click the link below!

Fishing Features

Our 27 Contender is designed for serious fishing. We like having a flat deck and plenty of space to fish in both the front and the back. We have a large livewell in the back, outriggers, downriggers, storage compartments, and lots of rod holders. There are also quite a few "little" things we've done to the boat to really optimize it for the way we fish. Click the link below to see more about what we do!


Diving Features

Besides catching fish with hook and line, we also like to dive for fish such as Snapper, Grouper, Flounder, and more! We set up our boat with features so that we could keep all of our Scuba gear organized while offshore and leaving space for hook and line gear as well. 


One of these features are the tank racks along the gunnels at the stern of our boat. We can hold a total of 8 tanks in these racks with a couple of pony bottles strapped on as well. 



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